Congressional candidate Steiner visits City Year New Hampshire

Posted by aaronjmarquez on January 25, 2008

Republican candidate for U.S. Congress (NH-2), Mr. Jim Steiner visited City Year New Hampshire headquarters to receive the education briefing on the scope of City Year programs in New Hampshire. Said Steiner, “the benefits conferred by the members within Nashua and other communities is why I will advocate for increasing our AmeriCorps programs, including City Year, as a member of Congress.”

Steiner lists increasing national public service opportunities for young people as an issue he would promote as a Congressman from New Hampshire’s 2nd district. “I observed the same comraderie and espirit de corps with the City Year members as I learned as an infantry officer and Green Beret,” said Steiner.

Noting that too few young adults have opportunities to serve their country, in either the armed forces, or the “unarmed” forces, as Steiner describes the AmeriCorps and Peace Corps programs, he notes “young people from New Hampshire get involved in the program, and learn and grow by working in another part of the country. Similarly, young people, and I spoke with a few today who arrived from Indiana, California and New York, come to New Hampshire and participate in educational support roles in our schools. Though their stipend proves to be less than minimum wage, they work more than full time, grow as citizens, the schools they support are improved, and they have an impact felt far beyond the walls of the schools themselves.”

Steiner believes more opportunities, not less, for young adults to serve their country is vital for the country, the economy and the sense of citizenship that comes from public service. “What I learned as a young officer, in working with soldiers from all across the United States, is something these young people get the opportunity to experience as members of our armed forces, or as members of City Year.”

Jim Steiner continues to travel across the 2nd district, meeting with republican groups, business groups and supporters in their homes to allow voters a chance to question him. “This is New Hampshire. Voters want to kick the tires and interact with you. I appreciate their candor and I appreciate that they welcome me to address issues with them. I am also appreciating a growing momentum as people turn to me now that they have been able to compare my background as a veteran and in making laws in New Hampshire the last twenty years, with the backgrounds of the other candidates or possible candidates.”

Steiner is a former Army Green Beret who has been a Concord attorney for the last two decades. He may be reached through his website.


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