ServeNext member gets handshake from Huckabee; “knuckle sandwich” from Norris

Posted by aaronjmarquez on December 17, 2007

Over the weekend, ServeNext member Stephan Rodriguez was given a “knuckle sandwich” by actor Chuck Norris following a Littleton town hall meeting with former Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR). Earlier, Rodriguez asked the final question of Huckabee… and apparently Norris didn’t like the manner in which he put his Presidential candidate of choice on the spot!

In all seriousness, Rodriguez praised Huckabee for signing the Presidential Pledge to Expand National Service and asked him when he planned to give a major policy address on the issue. Then, when he informed Huckabee and the rest of the packed gym that he was a National Service supporter and first-time voter, Rodriguez was called to the front of the room for a personal handshake and was asked for his vote in the First in the Nation Presidential Primary.

Huckabee failed to answer the question.

Seven ServeNext members traveled 2 hours north of Manchester for the event in Littleton, listened to the Governor’s vision for America, and also heard from Norris why he’s actively supporting Huckabee for President. The handshake with Rodriguez, who proudly wore his new light blue ServeNext t-shirt, was reportedly used by CNN Headline News in their coverage of Chuck/Huck’s visit to the Granite State.

ServeNext NH with Governor Mike Huckabee and wife Janet Huckabee…

ServeNext NH with actor Chuck Norris and wife Gena O’Kelley…


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