Richardson continues to promote public service

Posted by aaronjmarquez on December 14, 2007 

Even as his stump speech shortens, Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM) continues to promote public service as a Presidential priority.  ServeNext member Lauren Freedman (NH AmeriCorps ’07) has the latest from a town hall meeting today in Keene:

I had a GREAT time at the Bill Richardson event today. I didn’t know anything about his campaign before I went and I’m so glad that I got to hear him speak. He’s fantastic.

He only gave a seven minute speech at Keene High, so that he could do almost a full hour of questions and answers. In those seven minutes, he brought up his plan to pay for two years of school at a public university in exchange for one year of national service. Jackpot!

I must have looked really eager to speak, because I was the second person he called on to ask a question. I thanked him for signing the ServeNext pledge, told him that I’m a proud AmeriCorps alum, and asked how he planned to inspire our generation to take him up on his national service plan. He spoke about AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps, as well as Senior Corps, and how Americans can change our country through all forms of national service.

It was inspiring to hear from a candidate who has clearly put national service as a priority in his campaign.

Thanks for the report, Lauren!   


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