Edwards agrees to give major policy address on National Service

Posted by aaronjmarquez on December 10, 2007 

On Saturday, ServeNext member Jodi Harper asked former U.S. Senator John Edwards (D-NC), who previously committed to expanding AmeriCorps by 100,000 members, when he planned to give a major policy address on National Service. 

She writes in with her story: 

Since he had not mentioned National Service during the speech, I asked him when we could expect to hear his plan on National Service, encouraging our citizens to participate in and support the National Service Movement since other candidates are starting to bring the topic of National Service to the front of their campaigns. 

With a surprisingly quick response time, Senator Edwards said his (National Service) policy would be rolled out soon since the question had been asked.  He then went to discuss, in great length, his views on the National Service Movement and non-profit sector, mentioning how he feels that National Service is vital part of the rebuilding of pride and faith in America. 

It was a tremendous opportunity to drive Senator Edwards to thinking about the National Service Movement, as well as reaching out to those in attendance who don’t necessarily receive much exposure to service opportunities other than the military. 

Harper, along with four other ServeNext members, participated in a birddog training led by Eva Giannini (NH AmeriCorps ’06, ’07) as part of the ServeNext NH Day of Action Kickoff Rally with Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand and Mr. Jim Steiner, GOP candidate for U.S. Congress (NH-2).   

Nice work, Jodi – and thanks to everyone who played a role in making the day happen.

We’re all looking forward to Edwards’ National Service speech in the coming weeks!


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