President Clinton honors Segal; praises Romney for AmeriCorps support

Posted by aaronjmarquez on December 4, 2007

Former President Bill Clinton (D) took time to honor the legacy of an old friend yesterday at Brandeis University. The 42nd president was invited to give the inaugural lecture for the university’s Eli J. Segal Citizen Leadership Program.

He accepted and delivered in memory of the late Eli Segal (above, with volunteers from the Student Conservation Association). Clinton’s chief of staff in his presidential campaign in 1992, Segal went on to serve as an assistant to the President in the White House and the first cheif executive of AmeriCorps.

“He had a quality that was relatively rare in public service, government service, at the time. He could take a vision and turn it into a reality.”

In a recent interview, the former President also praised a handful of Republicans currently applying for his old job – including former Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA).

He said he’s indebted to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for strongly supporting the AmeriCorps project. “I was afraid the Bush administration was going take it down because they were against everything I was for, so Romney stood up, which I’m grateful for,” he said.

In September, Romney told a crowd and reporters at an “Ask Mitt Anything” event in Berlin that he wasn’t yet prepared to announce his National Service plan. He is back in the Granite State this week.


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