Dems agree on support for National Service programs for youth at Brown & Black Forum

Posted by aaronjmarquez on December 2, 2007 

Yesterday, blogger Beverly Davis reported on The Huffington Post’s Off the Bus series, that at the Iowa Brown & Black Forum, all Democratic candidates for President agreed that supporting National Service programs for youth makes sense.

Moderator Ray Suarez: “Recently in my house, a young person, turned 18, and he received a letter from the Selective Service who wrote that in no uncertain terms he had to make himself known to the Selective Service, in case he needs to be called up. I have another teenager, and she won’t be hearing from the government. I’m wondering if this is giving the wrong message to our young people.”

Senator Dodd: “Yes. Great question…I’m a strong person advocating that each young person gives 1,000 hours…I’m a big advocate of universal national service for our young people. I’m the only candidate who has advocated for a national service program.”

Suarez asked all the candidates if they would support a national youth service program if it included non-military service.  All of the candidates agreed, but Dennis Kucinich said, “Americans should be going away from militarism.”


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