Huckabee takes a step and leads GOP on National Service

Posted by aaronjmarquez on November 2, 2007

Former Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR) continues to promote AmeriCorps expansion on the Presidential campaign trail, telling high school students in his home state that he supports college tuition assistance for those who pariticipate in non-military National Service programs.

“Basically the idea is that not just military but other types of national service would qualify students for tuition assistance for their college education,” Huckabee said. “It’s clear that a high school diploma is not an adequate level of educational attainment to be in tomorrow’s workforce.”

Many of the Democratic presidential contenders have put forth similar proposals.

Just last night, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama mentioned his national service plan at the Democratic debate at Philadelphia’s Drexel University.

Republican candidates, on the other hand, have not put out policy proposals on national service, even though former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Arizona Sen. John McCain have supported such programs in the past.

Governor Huckabee remains the only GOP Presidential candidate to sign the Presidential Pledge to Expand National Service, which aims to increase the size of AmeriCorps to 170,000 members annually by 2012.


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