Huckabee becomes first Republican to sign Pledge, says the “sacrifices of its ordinary people” made America great

Posted by aaronjmarquez on October 14, 2007

I Like Mike!

Late Thursday afternoon, word broke out that Governor Mike Huckabee (AR-R) signed and sent in the Presidential Pledge to Expand National Service to ServeNext HQ in Washington, D.C., making him the first Republican candidate for President to commit to expanding AmeriCorps by at least 100k members.

I was excited to catch up with Governor Huckabee on Sunday morning at the home of NH State Represenative Jason Bedrick (Windham-R), with whom I attended high school. Rep. Bedrick has endorsed Gov. Huckabee’s Presidential campaign.

Following his stump speech and some Q&A from Rep. Bedrick’s family and friends, Huckabee State Co-Chair and State Board of Education member Fred Bramante arranged for us to chat with Gov. Huckabee about why he was so passionate about expanding AmeriCorps.

“The greatest thing any American can do is invest something back in his or her country. When we do that, we understand what made America great. It’s not its government. It’s the sacrifices of its ordinary people and doing something for which they’re not paid; doing it not because they’re going to get something from it, but because they’re going to become something as a result of it (in the words of Henry Ward Beecher, which I think is a great reminder).

“What AmeriCorps does is it raises a generation of people who (do) not just learn the value of community service, but (then) have it engrained and embedded in them so that – for the rest of their life – they’re going to become not only personally devoted to community service… it’s contagious! They’re going to help affect and influence other people.

“If we really want a better America, it starts with every one of us as individuals. AmeriCorps is helping to ignite that in individual young lives that will have an impact for decades to come.”

More to come…


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