Edwards commits to sign Pledge on CSPAN; Alum presents handwritten copy within 90 minutes

Posted by aaronjmarquez on October 13, 2007

Edwards in Keene

When AmeriCorps Alum Lauren Freedman heard that former U.S. Senator John Edwards (NC-D) committed to signing the Pledge to Expand National Service live on CSPAN this afternoon, she sprung into action! Putting together a handwritten copy of the ServeNext Pledge in lieu of a printer, Freedman approached Sen. Edwards within 90 minutes of his on-air comments, immediately following a campaign event in Keene, NH.

Lauren writes in:

“After his speech, I approached him with a hand-written copy of the Pledge. I told him that I’m a proud AmeriCorps Alum and I’d heard that he would pledge to support National Service and expand AmeriCorps by 100,000 members.

“He told me that he knows about AmeriCorps, but wanted to read the Pledge before he signs it. (A woman nearby quipped ‘You’re a lawyer! Don’t sign it until you read it!’) He asked my name and thanked me for pushing this important issue.”

Then she issues a plea to the rest of the ServeNext New Hampshire Team:

I hope another fellow service warrior can speak with Senator Edwards and ask if he ever got a chance to sign the Pledge!

Well, Sen. Edwards is campaigning in New Hampshire all day tomorrow…

Who’s going to step up and get him to sign?!


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