Richardson unveils education plan: 1 year of public service for 2 years of college

Posted by aaronjmarquez on October 11, 2007

Kicking off Granite State campaign swing this afternoon at Manchester West High School, Governor Bill Richardson (NM-D) proposed an ambitious public service program that would give Americans the opportunity to attend 2 years at a public college or university after completing 1 year of public service with a plethora of programs including AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps.

Governor Richardson speaks of service

Last night, word that Governor Richardson’s would unveil an education plan rooted in service – and he delivered with both passion and conviction!

“The vital spirit of service that fought the Nazis in the forties and sustained the Peace Corps in the sixties is alive in America today. As President, I will create a national service program that pays two years of college for one year of service. We need more college graduates. And we need more men and women who are willing to serve their fellow citizens. So let us once again measure our national greatness not by the hardness of our walls or the easy accumulation of material things, but by the cultivation of learning, the quality of our national character, and the frank determination to make tomorrow better than today for all mankind.”

Richardson addresses students, AmeriCorps programs

Governor Richardson made it clear that his National Service plan was about being part of something greater than oneself and that it would take bold leadership from the next President of the United States to turn public policy into civic action.

“I will call on Americans to serve their country and the world. After 9/11, Americans stood ready to serve. But President Bush asked most of us to sit back and sulk. We need real leadership now.”

Later, at an evening “Presidential Job Interview” in Concord, Governor Richardson again highlighted his plan – to an enthusiastic response!

“I would have a new plan based on John F. Kennedy when he said we have to give a little bit for our country. That involves paying off college loans. Today, kids it’s taking ’em 7 years to pay off the loans from ripoff artists – banks, college loan entities. I would replace that largely with a plan that says this… the governement will pay 2 years tuition. In exchange, ‘Young person, you give this nation one year of National Service.’

– much applause –

“That could be cleaning a forest or cleaning a river or working in the inner-city or working in a hospital or being in the military… doing something for the country. We’ve got to be more creative in our solutions.”

Governor Richardson was one of the very first Presidential candidates to sign the ServeNext Presidential Pledge to Expand National Service, which will expand AmeriCorps to 170,000 members by 2012.


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    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Richardson unveils education plan: 1 year of public service for 2 years of college, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

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