Fournier challenges field on civic engagement, candidates respond

Posted by aaronjmarquez on October 11, 2007

Yesterday morning, a story was filed by long-time AP writer Ron Fournier on there being “no greater issue than civic engagement.”

“John Kennedy was able to touch a national nerve when he turned things on their head and talked about what you could do for the country rather than what government could do for you,” said John Bridgeland, a former community service czar under President Bush who now chairs the National Conference on Citizenship.

“If I were a candidate, I would integrate a call to service in every campaign stop,” he said. “Every policy and every speech would have some element of that ask.”

In the article, U.S. Senator Chris Dodd (CT-D) is highlighted as a leader on the issue.

Since that article, U.S. Senator John McCain (AZ-R) highlighted the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps at yesterday’s GOP Debate in Michigan, U.S. Senator Barack Obama (IL-D) talked up service for Americans of all ages at Plymouth State University, Governor Bill Richardson (NM-D) previewed his National Service policy at a fundraiser in Austin, TX, and U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton (NY-D) reiterated her support for AmeriCorps to voters at an Innovation Town Hall Meeting this afternoon, saying that she would talk more about National Service as one way to make college more affordable at Plymouth State University tomorrow morning.  


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