“National Service for the 21st Century” proposed in Britain…

Posted by aaronjmarquez on October 4, 2007

David Cameron (center)

If the Tories have their way, 16 year-olds will soon have the opportunity to “recapture what National Service did” in the 1950s and help fix Britain’s “broken society.” It’s part of their National Service for the 21st Century program that was piloted last month by David Cameron and outlined in detailed yesterday by Shadow Children’s Secretary Michael Grove.

“Britain has changed hugely since the 1950s. We are a much more liberal society, a much more mixed society so there is an even greater need to break down barriers and boundaries to rebind our society.”

He said the “ambitious scheme” would force teenagers to “operate outside their comfort zone”. Under the plans each teenager who volunteered would take part in community service, spend at least two weeks away from home on a residential course and complete a testing challenge.

A testing challenge, huh? Sounds a little like reality television – perhaps just want the Global Service Movement needs! The incentive attached to this program is also quite intriguing, although it’s unclear if any cash actually goes to the participant.

Participants would be eligible for a cash sum on completion, with half going to a charity of their choice and the rest to the organization that ran the project.

Keep an eye out for more on this…


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