Labor Day Weekend: Richardson, The Clintons, The Obamas, Dodd, & Romney

Posted by aaronjmarquez on September 5, 2007

Over the weekend, AmeriCorps Alumni were all over the Granite State, organizing on behalf of With a fresh issue of Time Magazine in tow – featuring an updated Rosie the Riveter with iPod buds in her ear and a tattoo – we hit events in Londonderry, Plymouth, Manchester, Milford, and Hudson over the three-day weekend.

We made the AP ticker in Londonderry on Friday when Governor Richardson told a house party crowd, “I’m big on National Service… you will have a friend in me.” He also shared his excitement around formally announcing his National Service plan in Portsmouth in a couple weeks. Thank you, Governor – we’re looking forward to it!

On Saturday, in a town that nearly doubled as university students returned for the fall semester, a Plymouth High School student – who just returned from 2 weeks of service in Kenya – earned public appreciation from Governor Richardson, who asked house party attendees to give the young man a round of applause after posing a question about expanding National Service programs for young people like himself. Well done!

Later that evening, ServeNext staffer Aaron Marquez (City Year Boston ’03, ’04) connected with the father of AmeriCorps and spouse of the Democratic frontrunner, at the Clinton Fall Kickoff Rally in Portsmouth. Aaron handed former President Bill Clinton copies of Time, Voices for National Service’s Presidential Candidates Memo, and (of course) the Pledge to share with his wife. We’re anxious to hear all about your plan, Senator Clinton!

On Labor Day, we started our day at Veteran’s Park in Manchester with Taylor Fergusson (City Year Columbus ’05, ‘06) first securing the signature of Michelle Obama, the founding Executive Director of AmeriCorps’ Public Allies Chicago program, and then Melissa Paul (City Year New Hampshire ’07) getting U.S. Senator Barack Obama to sign the Pledge to Expand National Service! [We will post photos of them here soon. Nice work, Taylor and Melissa!]

Jody Stegens (City Year Boston ’05, ’06), Aaron, and I headed to Milford for their annual Labor Day Parade, where we caught up with Peace Corps Alum and U.S. Senator Chris Dodd. Jody and I were in Nashua back in June, the day after City Year Graduation, for Sen. Dodd’s National Service press conference. He was thrilled to see us and that we were continuing to spread the word across the Granite State…

We were able to briefly connect with former Massachusetts Governor and City Year Board Member Mitt Romney, who was “not signing pledges (today).” Perhaps tomorrow, Governor? [We have some good video of Aaron and Jody waiting patiently with the Pledge. We’ll post that here soon.]

From there, it was off to Hudson for an ice cream social with Senator Obama. A delicious end to a phenomenal weekend for the National Service Movement!

In other news…

A new book is out this week from former President Clinton focusing on public service.

Patrick and I will attend the First in the Fall GOP Debate (minus Fred Thompson) tonight at UNH-Durham. Tune in beginning at 9:00pm… I’ll be wearing a new tie.

Interested in joining us on the campaign trail in New Hampshire and catching a little fall foliage between events? Be in touch –


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  1. Daniel said

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Romney, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  2. […] bird-dog the presidential candidates all across New Hampshire. When I returned to New Hampshire on Labor Day Weekend we attended a rally for Obama in Manchester. ServeNext all-stars Melissa Paul and Taylor Fergusson […]

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