Newsweek calls Dodd’s plan for National Service a “winner”

Posted by Zach Maurin on June 25, 2007

Jonathan Alter of Newsweek writes about Senator Dodd’s plan to expand National Service, called “A New Call to Service: The American Community Initiative.” Interestingly, Alter mentions that it is surprising that no candidate has made service a central part of the campaign, until Dodd. The presidential candidate’s plan calls for 1 million AmeriCorps members, the doubling of the Peace Corps by 2011, and additional initiatives for high school students and disaster responders. Alter writes:

“It’s Chris Dodd who is taking the service debate to the next level. On Saturday, Dodd will unveil a specific and strikingly ambitious national and international service agenda in a speech on the same spot in Nashua, N.H., where John F. Kennedy began his presidential campaign in 1960. Dodd remains in the second tier of Democratic candidates. But even if he falls short, his national-service idea could catch on.”

Read the full Newsweek article “A Case for National Service

Exclusive ServeNext interview with Senator Dodd:

His entire National Service announcement:


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